Ghosts in Snow

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大地を掴む (by uchiburo)

I’m a stranger here Trees EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Nature Lover at Rittner Seilbahn / Funivia del Renon by Gusbano on EyeEm

cotton candy clouds and a convenience store


Anonymous asked: Is there any pics on here of you that are your favorite? If so will you share it?

What do you mean by that? Favourite picture of myself?? Well im on my mobile right now but im guessing its definitely one that ive already posted before

Anonymous asked: Well, we could make up new dialogue and a new story while its playing :D

And how would we do that?? ;D lotr etc etv are the best things ever i love them wish i could write something like that

Anonymous asked: Aww I am jealous. Would love to be drunk watching The Hobbit

Haha its quite annoying actually ;D hard to pay attention even though i want to because its so good